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Second Hand Lifts for Disableds

2. Handicapped Elevator While our company does not do secondhand disability elevator trading, we are guiding our former customers who have taken the products of our company before and do not have to use them anymore, and we are helping both sides. Liftart lift, one of the leading companies in its class, aims to keep the disabled people’s life unhindered. Liftart, known as a brand of quality and safety, offers value and aesthetics to the building and provides technology tailored to specific needs. Liftart manufactures, installs, maintains and modernizes all types of buildings and wells with housing lifts, freight elevators, service elevators, stretcher elevators, vehicle lifts and slope lifts. Liftart elevators designed for standard or special needs can be easily integrated into your building’s architecture and operating system. Liftart elevator technology is changing and improving with building construction technology. No matter where the installation is, the liftart elevators perfectly match the structure. 2. Please call us for information about your handicap elevator or 2nd hand stair elevator needs. LiftArt 0 212 608 00 70

Please call us for your 2. hand lift requestings: 0549 608 00 70
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