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The world’s smartest stairlift brand: Handicare Smart Stair Lifts

Single Driving in the World with Dual Driving Engine and Smart Computer Technology ..!
The smartest stair lift: Handicare ..!

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Our Differences – Our Advantages
Our Handicare stair chair lift is the only brand with double drive engine. Apart from Handicare, all stair lift brands in the world have a single drive motor system. Others provide carrying capacity with this single engine. In other words, if their carrying capacity is 125 kg, they carry this weight with their single engine. The power of single motors is maximum 350 Watt and 1 unit. The Handicare has two drive motors (main engine system) and each has a power output of 350 Watts and a total of 700 Watts. This proves to be twice as strong as your nearest opponent.

We would also like to state that; Handicare considers the safety of the user first in the elevator systems it produces. And with this idea, they have produced a system which is almost zero risk of failure. Our idea and work is to ensure that the user is never halfway down the steps and minimize the risk of malfunction.

Our DataCard (Simkart) controlled stair lifts are equipped with the most advanced electronic system in the world and a double drive motor carrying unit.

Brand: Handicare
Model: FreeCurve
Manufacturer: Handicare
Country of origin: Netherlands
Turkey and Azerbaijan Exclusive Representative and Distributor: liftart
Double Drive Motor: Yes, Standard
Engine Sound Level: Less than 60 dB
Seat Level Motor: Yes, Standard
Seat Return Motor: Yes, Optional
Footrest Motor: Yes, Optional
Carrying Capacity: 125 kg at the right angle.

The dual engine system is a patented system that is not found in any other elevator.

If you can’t find a place for a vertical lift in your house or if it is not possible to build a vertical lift, the stair lift is a good alternative and rational solution.

We offer you the perfect solution for every type of staircase: narrow, wide, straight, rotating, spiral, iron, glass, wood, concrete, marble, vertical, etc .. Safety, silence, compact design, comfortable usage are common features of the models.

[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title = “Handicare Stair Lift Details” open = “no” style = “default” icon = “plus” anchor = “” class = “”] ‘’ Handicare has solutions for all types of stairs. All Freecurve curved and revolving stair lifts have the same common features: easy operation, whisper silence, functional design and single rail.

The Rembrandt model is mounted on the inside of the stairs.

The Van Gogh model is mounted on the outside of the stair steps.

The Picasso model (H1000, H1100 and Simplicity) models are easily mounted on straight stairs.

The Vermeer model is installed inside the stair treads in multi-storey buildings and apartments.

Our unique electronic DataCard (Simkart) controlled double-drive ladder lifts with the most advanced technology in the world will carry you safely. The dual engine system is a patented system that is not found in any other elevator. “[/ Su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title = “Seat Properties” open = “no” style = “default” icon = “plus” anchor = “” class = “”] Joystick
Easy operation, convenient control. Can be installed on the right or left side.
Switch Switch
Safety belt
Remote Control – Smart Control System
Space and Space Saving Design
The arm and footrest can be folded easily, giving you more free space.
When you press the manual swivel arm, the seat rotates so that you can sit and stand up safely and comfortably.
Electric Motor Rotation, If you continue to press the Joystick after the seat has reached the stop, the seat will turn automatically.
Footrest mechanism, folding with seat

45 ° Angled Seating
Seat Options for All Interiors
Elegance Armchair
Alliance Armchair
Classic Seats
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All measurements have been made, the installation is complete and then we come to visit you. During this visit we give detailed information about the product and its usage.

Each Handicare stair lift is designed to suit the steps of each staircase. In this process, the highly advanced PhotoSurvey technology is used, with which all measurement is complete and precisely matched.

Ray colors matching your home
The colors of the handicare’s curved rails provide integrity with your home. Available colors; cream-white, brown and gray. ‘’ [/ su_spoiler]

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Handicare since 1886; Serving people with elevator products and equipment for over 125 years