Can I have a disabled lift in the apartment?

People who do not have a human elevator in their apartment and who need to use stairs but have difficulties, seeking solutions for their apartments are looking for a solution. If there is no place for classical-type human elevators in their apartments, they should either make an elevator from outside the building or have a disabled disabled elevator on their stairs. Unfortunately, there is no other solution, apart from changing houses, of course.

Stair lifts are subject to disabled regulations, and approval of all floor owners, such as elevator regulation, is not required for construction. You can read the related law article below.

It is important that the disabled lift can be applied to almost any type of ladder. Although the steps of some apartments are wide enough, the disabled elevators may not be able to turn because of the insufficient intermediate landings, so the disabled elevators may not be suitable for every apartment.

There is a very easy way to find out if a disabled elevator can be built in your apartment. If the goods can be lowered and removed from your stairs, the disabled chair lift can definitely be applied to your apartment. The steepness of the staircase, step depth, step height are not important.

You do not need a city permit or a municipal license in order to have your disabled elevator installed in your apartment.