Subject: I can make a staircase lift?

Hello there,

Most people say, “Can I make the stairs elevator to the apartment where I sit? Is it necessary to get a permission or license from the municipality? “He asked himself or herself.

For those impatient there is a short and clear answer to this question: “You can make a stair lift to your apartment, you do not need permission from anyone. But the price of the elevator is not the apartment, you pay. ”

Now let’s open this answer a little bit more.
If you were to build a classical apartment building for your apartment, you or the entire apartment house would be subject to the decision of the majority in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Floor Ownership Act. But the stairlift with the seat that you think you would like to have is not a classic type of elevator with cabin.

The stairlift you think you’re going to make is a model of a disabled elevator. Yes, perhaps you are not disabled in the sense that it is disabled as you have in mind. Maybe you should not use the stairs with your doctor’s advice temporarily as a result of sports injuries. Or you’re a middle-aged, struggling person to use stairs. Or you are breathless. As a result, I want to express that if you have some difficulty in using ladders, you need a disabled elevator. This is not a bad thing, it is a product that will improve your life quality and provide comfort. So do not get caught up in the disability elevator.

Many famous athletes temporarily use our elevator elevator, many middle-aged people, many young athletes use this elevator temporarily or permanently. In this way, the discomfort does not increase, decreases, quality of life is increasing.

Let me come by. You do not need permission from the municipality for the stair lift. You do not need to obtain a law permit from the floor owners but of course there is a benefit in obtaining courtly permission and informing the matter; After all they are our neighbors.

Now I am writing the relevant law article below. So I have provided you with all the legal information that is necessary and sufficient for you to take the seat ladder elevator.

Another question that is asked many times is “Does the stair elevator take up space in the staircase, will it prevent it from moving?”.

In short, no, it certainly does not prevent anyone. The railway of the elevator is already mounted close to the steps and the balustrades and occupies very little space. While moving, the goods are being transported from above, not from the ground. No one steps on the guardrails just behind, at least 20 cm later. Here, the stair elevator rails are also mounted in this 20 cm. This is sometimes 11 cm, sometimes 17 and sometimes 20 cm, according to the shape of the ladder is produced in the most appropriate size.

In another question, do we need to change our fences?

No, sir does not need to because we do not touch the rails of the elevator, we do not touch them.

I hope our writing is useful.

Our respect.

LiftArt Elevator

Law Number: 634
Date of Admission: 23/6/1965
Published R. Newspaper: Date: 2/7/1965 Issue: 12038
Code of Practice published by: Arrangement: 5 Volume: 4 Page: 2932
Article 42 – Flat owners can not make a change at their own in common places of the main premises; All the innovations and appliances that will benefit from making the common spaces smooth or easy to use or multiplying the benefit from these places, the number of floor owners and the majority of the lot shares.

In case the obstacles are imperative for life, the project will be negotiated with the majority of the number and plot share in the meeting which will be held within three months at the latest by the modified floor owners. In case the meeting can not be held within this period or the request for amendment is mostly not accepted; Construction, repair and installation shall be carried out in accordance with the approved project change or croatia to be received from the relevant authorities in the light of the commission report which states that building safety is not threatened on the request of the concerned floor owner. The relevant authorities conclude approved project change or sketch requests within six months at the latest. The procedures and principles concerning the process after the use of the discipline, the working method and the disability of the Commission shall be determined by the regulation jointly prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement and the Presidency of the Disability Administration. (one)

The expenses of these works are paid by the beneficiaries of the innovations, according to the utilization rate.