You can make your apartment stair lift

There is no obstacle for you to have a stair lift with a seat in the apartment you live in as per the related law article below.

For the construction of the stair lift you need, whether or not your neighbors allow it, there is no obstacle for you to build the elevator. However, the price is paid by the lift users. This elevator model is not subject to the same laws and regulations as the classic type apartment lifts.

Of course it is useful to obtain permission and provide information according to the unwritten neighborhood rights. But the issue here is to clarify whether the elevator can be built by law.

The relevant law is stated below:

Law Number: 634
Accepted: 23/6/1965
Published in R. Newspaper: Date: 2/7/1965 Issue: 12038
Publication: Order: 5 Volume: 4 Page: 2932

Article 42 – Floor owners may not make any changes in their common places in the main real estate; all the innovations and additions to make common places smooth or easier to use or to increase the benefit to be obtained from these places are made upon the decision of the floor owners with the majority of the number and share of the land.

(Additional paragraph: 1/7 / 2005-5378 / 19 art.) In case of necessity for the life of disabled people, the amendment of the project shall be discussed at the meeting of the floor owners within three months at the latest and shall be decided with the majority of the number and land share. In the event that the meeting cannot be held within this period or the request for modification is generally not accepted; construction, repair and installation are made according to the approved project change or sketch to be received from the relevant authorities in accordance with the commission report. The relevant authorities shall conclude requests for approved project changes or sketches within six months at the latest. The composition of the Commission shall be determined by a regulation to be jointly prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement and the Administration for Persons with Disabilities. (one)
The expenses of these works are paid by the beneficiaries of the innovations according to the utilization rate.

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