In the inspections carried out in 2016, Çankaya Municipality found 2 thousand elevators risky and sealed.

Çankaya Municipality continues elevator inspections in line with the Regulations on Elevator Operation, Maintenance and Periodical Control. Within the framework of this regulation, the Çankaya Municipality, which has established the Elevator Coordination Unit within the Zoning Directorate, maintains elevator inspections in cooperation with the MMO. In inspections the status of elevators is indicated by affixing the red label (dangerous-unusable), yellow (unusable-insecure), blue (available-slightly defective) or green (usable-safe) label. In 2016, the municipality, which has conducted elevator inspections in close to three buildings, has sealed two thousand fifty defective elevators. The 844 elevators that made the arrangements within the given period were disassembled and allowed to be used.

Municipal authorities warned that apartment managers and officials should be sensitive and sensitive about elevator safety.

Source: Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 February 2017