Requirements elevator be considered Yaptırırken

Requirements Planning Under elevator be considered:
– Is connected to the municipal building and fire regulations be reviewed urban development.
– Electrical equipment of the colon from the lift line project schemas, well lighting, office lighting Mechanical detailing and appear to feed stele.
– Elevator simpleton mounting elevator companies responsible for the project should be made.
– Use elevator engineer who prepared the project objective of Commons, as explained in detail.
– House of Commons with the architectural project should control measurements.

Building Under Construction Requirements be considered:
– Well bed at least 150 cm is recommended to be done.
– Well size and knowledge of architectural projects should be established in accordance with the project.
– Well width barrier koyarak accidents avoided.
– Well-bed isolation yapılmalı water.
– At least 370 cm from the top stop of Mechanical office Kumbet concrete floor elevation should be higher.
– Mechanical office Kumbet concrete ceiling height must be at least 200 cm height.
– Mechanical room height and other dimensions should not be strictly.

Firms Need To be considered in the selection of the elevator:
– Elevator Firm ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system approved by the respected affiliate – (DAS) to be certified by,
– Elevator Firm Approved Kurulus (SWG) CE Certificate has been granted by the fact that
– References to be strong, must be accessible, easy to officers and employees TECHNICAL SERVICE,
– The contract does have to be open to understanding, delivery & warranties must include periods.
– Elevator Company elevator to visit more useful will have been made before.

Requirements Under Construction Elevators be considered:
– Elevator firm on matters that are not committed Rapor firm should request the elevator.
– Construction-related jobs yapılmalı according to the report.
– Safety systems and other equipments used must be CE certified.
The works belong to the person who does Mutahide yaptıracak lift;
– The creation of the Office of the elevator well and Mechanical
– Well here is the required steel construction and elevator wells to ensure single cages divisional malzemesinin
– Well clean the bottom of the water, making insulation if it occurs
– Elevator badanasının done well.
– Mold and broken pieces of iron.
– Well kept scaffolding.
– Well done lighting.
– Well into the 220 V electrical installation.
– Well done the bottom of the stairs landing drink.
– Elevator gates before and after assembling the necessary kırımına, knitting and plaster coating jobs need to be done door lintel of their works.
– Mechanical office with at least 80×200 cm size iron door opened outward conduct,
– Mechanical dairesinin making, painting and lighting,
– Mechanical office tabliyesine exit stairway drink making,
– Mechanical room 110 cm high deck railing at the edge of the transformation,
– Mechanical ventilation dairesinin making up menfezli drink,
– Mechanical office making the connection with power lines brought to the board,
– In the event of weak steel construction Mechanical deck circle, empowering them with
– A warehouse construction site closed and kitlenebilir provision
– Ensuring the security of the assembly ground,
– Elevator handling charges are held in one of the receipt of the license. (Fees, taxes, record Author VS)
– Elevator cavity of the cases required large “U” profile divisions making,

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March 2017