Subject: Electronic Controllers and Automation in Elevators – (Entrance Department)

Elevator, technology is a tool that offers the service of humanity and service elevators nowadays, it has become one of the main tools that facilitate people’s daily life affairs.

Elevator control systems are very detailed, solid real-time systems. They must perform various operations within the specified timing criteria. Elevator controller systems, elevators should determine the position at that moment and in the process, which depends on the data rate is embroidered cabin. To be controlled in the same building or elevator cabin as the number of control mechanisms are becoming more complex. Special controlled systems have been developed to make people use elevator effectively. A local area network (LAN) or internet network has been used for multiple elevators and cabin control.

Basically a real-time system; Are the systems in which tasks are performed within a defined period of time. Such systems are referred to as event driven systems. The difficulty is the delay in fulfillment of all requests.

Real-time systems are controlled by electronic controllers. Microcontrollers or PLC controllers therefore have a wide range of applications. a majority of the components in the system to be controlled and time constraints required for some applications is encouraging the use of real-time operating system on such systems.

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