At the beginning of the 17th century, the French Velayer, who was an architect, added a counterweight to this primitive system, making it more stable and solving the system of equilibrium. The system called flying chairs in these times; A reel and reel system; It consisted of the arm placed between two stitches. This system was expensive and human-powered system in those years, so only the rich were using it.

In Turkey, an event that takes place in İzmir Karataş introduces the elevators of İzmir. The height between the Halil Rifat Pasha street where the Jewish Devidas family resides and the Mithatpaşa street near the Muslim seaside neighborhood where Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu is sitting is 58 meters. Devidas When the family reaper falls and breaks his foot, communication with the close friend becomes difficult. elevator construction is started to facilitate transportation. The brick flooring of the elevator, which is based on stone structure and covered with brick, was brought from Marseilles specially.

At present there is a privileged beauty with the elevator terrace and balcony iron cast iron railings, motifs and ornaments that serve tourism in Izmir.

Today, as technology has improved, the aesthetic appearance as well as the functionality of the lifts we use have increased. It offers many facilities like speed, economical saving, transportation of people as heavier as transportation.

In our country, the number of crowded ending buildings that became widespread with immigration increased. The buildings are now not three storeys, multi-storey apartments, residences. There are skyscrapers where hundreds of people work. The greatest need for these formations in the big cities is elevators. The elevators are now considered to be the most valuable fixtures of the buildings, as much as they gain visibility.

Time is the most precious concept for today’s people. The elevator is the savior of us, at some of the buildings where we go to work, to attend the conference, to the meeting. A defective elevator loses minutes. In places where it is impossible to climb stairs to very high floors, you can even miss your meetings.

If there is a problem in the customer organizations, if they have a problem with the hotel’s elevator, the organization will be affected in the negative and cause complaints of customer dissatisfaction. Today, elevators from the flying chair system are moving not only the rich as in history, but the most important vehicle used by people from all walks of life in new constructions.