Canon Turkey, headquartered in Istanbul’s great experiment and established a center where users can test the machines in Eminonu.

The Canon Experience Center has been completed in about 1 year, and users, photographers can experiment with all Canon models, view and edit them on the computer. There is a small but cozy cafe on the 3rd floor of the building and it’s free. In this cafe, enthusiasts share their knowledge while relaxing. This cafe is great.

To reach the service center on the first floor, stairs must be used and the classic passenger elevator is located on this floor to reach the other floors.

Canon is looking for a solution for people who are trying to reach the service center, or who are struggling to use stairs. As Canon is the best brand in the market, it has introduced Handicare in LiftArt. As a result of a 3-month survey, Japan preferred the Handicare brand, which is also recommended by the Canon headquarters.

Thank you for your contribution to our video model (we do not want to mention its name) in our video.

LiftArt, April 2019