The Indisputable Superiority of the Double Main Motor Stairlift

The advantages of our Handicare FreeCurve model elevator, which is the only “2 Main Motor” stairlift in the world, over other brands are as follows.

We do the transportation work that other brands do with a single main engine, with a double engine that is 2 times stronger. Our engines always run at 50% performance. For this reason, our engines never get tired, they do not get hot, they do not wear out. Thus, it lasts at least 2 times longer than other brands. The risk of failure is very, very low.

Our twin-engine system has an undeniable superiority, besides the fact that another brand can do this with a single engine, even if the weight of the load is small or high. Our superiority in the stairs, which is more than one floor, cannot be disputed.

Some brands may say that they work quieter, they may say that they have thinner rail systems. However, for the Handicare company, the safety of the user and the operation of the system without malfunction are more important.

And Handicare is known as a Prestige Brand all over the world.

For this reason, our rail is stronger, it is 76 mm thick. The operating sound level is below 60 dB.

Of course, it is at the discretion of the users, is it quieter, thinner rail or more safety, more robustness that needs to be decided?

Let’s not forget that; It may be our parents, our souls, our children, our relatives who use the elevator. Shouldn’t the elevator that we give our life to be safe and sound?

Important Note: The double main motor stairlift is only available in Handicare. Never, ever, do not trust companies that say we have 2 engines. They have 1 main engine and 1 seat balance engine. The seat balance motor is already available to us as standard. The issue we are talking about here is the double main engine system. Otherwise, we already have a seat folding motor, seat rotation motor, seat level motor, seat balance motor. These engine systems can already be found in any brand, but there are 2 main engines only in our brand.

LiftArt Quality Living Systems
June 2021