Why Double Motor Stair Lift

A few of our competitors are saying that our dual drive motor system is unnecessary, disparaging our products and confusing our customers.

We make this statement to prove that our products are the world’s best motorized stair lifts.

First of all, we would like to state that; Handicare considers the safety of the user first in the elevator systems it produces. And with this idea, they have produced a system which is almost zero risk of failure. Our idea and work is to ensure that the user is never halfway down the steps and minimize the risk of malfunction.

Our Differences – Our Advantages
Our Handicare stair chair lift is the only brand with double drive engine. Apart from Handicare, all stair lift brands in the world have a single drive motor system. Others provide carrying capacity with this single engine. In other words, if their carrying capacity is 125 kg, they carry this weight with their single engine. The power of single motors is maximum 350 Watt and 1 unit. Handicare is equipped with 2 drive motors, each capable of handling 350 Watts and a total of 700 Watts. This proves to be twice as strong as your nearest opponent.

Now we respond to the statements that some of our competitors mislead and deceive our customers with incorrect information: (Q: Discourses – C: Our answers)

First, a thinner pipe can easily bend or a thicker pipe? And is 1 or greater, 2? Please keep the answers in mind.

S 1. One motor is sufficient, no double motor is required.
C1. Yes, a single engine may be enough, but why should we settle for it when there is better? For example; Let’s not choose the 3000 motor car for the same price as the 1500 motor car; moreover, a system that does not burn more fuel like the big engine. Imagine how the 1500 engine faints when climbing a car uphill, whereas the 3000 engine can easily go up without fainting; our system never goes unconscious, without difficulty. It is indisputable that we are good at this.

Q2. Double motor means double malfunction.
C2. Each of our engines operates at 50% efficiency and completes 100%. Thus, they do not get tired, heat, wear, wear, and last at least 2 times longer than others like single motor systems. In this case, does the double engine mean more faults or single engine systems?

S3. Handicare is a twin-engine but one spare engine, like everyone else, provides continuous single engine handling.
C3. No, that’s a lie. Handicare dual motor system always works in sync. So it’s not like a backup engine system, it always works in sync. Since they operate at 50% efficiency under normal conditions, they have the opportunity to increase their strength when necessary. This is not possible with single engine systems.

Q4. They have the same capacity, whether it is a single engine system or a dual engine system.
C4. True, but they have the same capacity as a single engine system, and we work with half-power with two engines. Therefore, we do not wear, wear, wear out ..!

Q5. We are testing over the capacity of a single engine system and have enough power.
C5. Our twin-engine system is being tested for more than capacity. Our double engine system with a load capacity of 125 kg has a load capacity of 700 kg according to the test results and is tested with 175 kg when connected with the rail. That is, it has a much higher security tolerance than others.

Q6. The rails are thicker than us because of their dual motor system.
C6. True, because we are stronger, we use a stronger rail system. Thinner tube or bend faster? Our rail thickness is 76 mm. This is 5 mm thicker than some brands and 20 mm thicker than others. So half a cm or 2 cm is very important among our other features, the customer must compare it.

Q7. Handicare rails take up more space on the ladder.
C7. Our rails go from 17 to 21 cm from the railing or wall (the outermost point of the rail). Nobody steps 25 cm from the railing. We use these unprinted dead areas. Therefore, we do not produce rails that are wide enough to affect those who use stairs. Thinner tubing takes up less space (let’s assume it’s up to 3 cm, this gives you a lot more) but it can bend more quickly.

Q8. Does Handicare have such an excellent product?
C8. Yes, even though we have an excellent product quality, we have no advantage in one place. Due to our engine system, we can produce a system that can climb a ladder up to 71 degrees perpendicular. Some of our competitors may come up one or two degrees steeper than us. Of course, if you think a normal staircase is between 35 and 40 degrees, we don’t know what a disadvantage it is.

Q9. There are no systems that can pass through narrow stairs!
C9. No, there is! Since 2017