There are many models of seated stair lifts for different needs.

Some are for those with special or specific disadvantages, some for very overweight people, some for very weak, some for adults, some for children. There is even a model for pets.

Of course, there are also types suitable for the area to be used, such as indoor or outdoor.

Seated stair lifts are actually the types of elevators used by people who are older, overweight or young and have difficulty in climbing stairs rather than specially disadvantaged people. However, some people with disabilities or families with disabled individuals also prefer this elevator model.

Families with children with disabilities and sitting in a building with stairs embrace their children in the first time and reach the upper / lower floor. But as time passes and the child gains weight and / or it is difficult to hold the child on the lap, it becomes clear that it is time to look for a solution for the stairs.

It is precisely at this point that the wide range of Handicare stair lifts is suitable for every situation.

Handicare, which is an elevator model for every need, has not forgotten children.

They have designed a seat model where children can sit comfortably and safely. Special accessories can be attached to this seat model, which can be easily seated for children of certain weights. For example, fastening belts called American velcro fastening belts, H type seat belts or bumps.

If you are looking for a stair lift for a child, the best address you can find is LiftArt.

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July 2020