Stair Lift Service in Corona Days

As is known, stair lifts are elevator systems produced for people who have difficulty in using stairs. In other words, it is not a luxury need, but an essential one. These systems are used by the elderly, those with temporary ailments, those without physical competence, some disability groups, patients.

Therefore, these systems should be in working condition at any time, they should wait ready to work. For this, a good brand must have been preferred and purchased first. Your problems will always continue with stair lifts purchased from a company that does not have experience, sell quality products and brands, and have no technical service.

That is why you need to purchase a stair lift from the general representative or authorized dealer of the product, who are experienced in their field, sell quality products and brands, have technical service and most importantly.

Handicare is an expert brand; Since 1886. LiftArt and its authorized dealers, technical services, stair lift are the best addresses where you can get the quality in favorable conditions.

Stair lifts are not required by law to be maintained every month like other classic human lifts. Periodic maintenance is sufficient every 6 months. However, during these days when we fight Covid-19 and care about social distance, periodic maintenance times may vary.

Some of the companies doing elevator maintenance on Corona days have stopped their work for essential reasons, and some may continue to work partially. You may need to get technical service provided that you maintain the social distance. But if you only want to call service for periodic maintenance, please delay this for a while. As a result, timely maintenance is not essential for Handicare stair lift models; there may be short delays. Handicare stair lifts can operate for a long time without maintenance due to their quality and unique motor systems.

During Corona days, of course, you may need your elevator service. If this service requirement is caused by a malfunction, call your elevator service immediately, but please and please always obey the social distance rule, hygiene rules and other antivirus rules.

LiftArt keeps its technical service personnel ready for service so that they can immediately interfere with malfunctions in Handicare products. However, it does not send service to periodic maintenance because it thinks about the health of its customers and its own staff; exceptions are excluded.

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