There are a number of things to consider when thinking about buying or renting a stair lift, how to handle bends, how long the installation will take and how long your car will go. One of the most important questions asked by those in smaller houses is that all the variants of the stair elevator will be fixed on the steps of the stairs from the wall, so that the stairways will not narrow.

Stair Lifts for Narrow Staircases: Please do not worry about those with narrow staircases who worry that there is not enough room for the stairlift. We have stair lifts designed to meet the needs of narrow stair homeowners.

Excellence and efficiency maximize space, space and efficiency in compact design and folding parts. Folding arms and seats, folding footrests and a thin rail allow this compact design to fold properly when the stair lifts are not in use, making it ideal for both the user and the other members of the house; These people can use the stairs in the normal way.

There are showrooms throughout Turkey, where you can see our stair lifts, how the narrow stair lifts can make use of the space-saving models, and products are regularly exhibited.

Stair lifts for narrow staircases come with a range of features that will make the most of the space available to suit the user. You can obtain price quotes and detailed information about our elevator model you are interested in by filling out our form on our website.

LiftArt Stair Lifts for Narrow Stairs