The transmitter on the wheel for auxiliary controls PV3000/R is used by drivers with disabilities to one upper limb. It can be installed in cars with automatic gear and power-assisted steering. The transmitter on the wheel for auxiliary controls PV3000/R is a radio waves device that manages the service controls from one station on the steering wheel, either on the right or the left, depending on the individual’s needs.

The device consists of a keypad and a handle which allow the driver to control the steering wheel with the able limb and to manage direction indicators, windscreen wipers (two speeds available), windscreen washer, low and high beam lights, flashing, horn and hazard lights. This transmitter is also set up with a button “K” to which an optional function can be connected. The buttons for the auxiliary functions are in relief with respect to the keypad surface, their exact position can be easily found just by moving the fingers, without looking away from the road, not even for a moment. Each button is backlit, which makes it easier for the driver to find them at night.


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In respect to the steering wheel, the keypad can be fixed or revolving: in the first case it’s an integral part of the adapter while the wheel is turning, in the second case it’s always perpendicular to the wheel, regardless of its position.

The handle consists of a round and ergonomic knob which allows a perfect grip. It doesn’t have sharp corners and it can be removed when not in use. Removing the knob and the keypad from the wheel is very simple and it just takes a few seconds: pull down the lower locking ring and pull out the knob at the same time.

The transmitter is powered by three AAA batteries, easily replaceable by the end-user.

This product has been EMC approved and is CE-marked. This product has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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