LiftArt Lift Systems, since 2009, the largest manufacturer of stair lifts HANDICARE Dutch company is the sole representative of Turkey. Handicare company works customer-oriented and pays much attention to customers’ requests. Responding to the requests from the customers for “gear-free employees, which does not require oil, but it is a safe and safe stair lift”, he started work on such a product in 2018.
In 2019, they produced a stair lift with non-gear and no lubrication.
There is no gear system on the specially produced elevator rail. They designed a unit to move on this rail and a stylish seat attached to that unit.
They designed a 4-motor unit that would move on the rail in terms of safety according to the demands of the customers. The engines in this unit have drums made of polyamide material instead of gear wheels, and 4 motors control these drums.
There are 8 drums connected to these 4 engine systems, two on the right and two on the left, and these drums move on the rail by compressing the rail.
In addition, they produced this special rail system in the smallest possible way without sacrificing robustness, thus ensuring that the rail occupies little space on the stairs. In addition, they also increased the carrying capacity of the stair lift, allowing them to carry 140 kg.
As you can see from the pictures below, the new design 4-motor stair lift is immediately distinguished among other handicapped elevators, it attracts attention.
202 years in Turkey and all over the world, simultaneous offered for sale this four motorized stair lift the price of 2,000 euros in order. However, this varies according to the length of the stairs. There are 470 cm rails in the standard package and it is sold with 2 remote controls. The seat belt is standard on the stair lift which takes up little space since it folds. It is possible to clean with a damp cloth.
Called the model name H1100, this elevator is designed for indoor use only for now. Along with IP tests for outdoor spaces, new model studies are continuing for their resistance to outdoor weather conditions. For now, LiftArt and Handicare officials have not provided any information about when the outdoor lift will hit the market.
Some technical features of the H1100 model stair lift:
Distinctive Feature: Suitable for Indoor Use. And it is only for “completely flat type stairs”.
Model: 1100
Brand: Handicare
Manufacturer: Handicare Netherlands
Origin: Netherlands
Turkey Representative and Distributor: lifart
Travel Distance: 4,70 m standard (can be max 7 m)
Rail Length: 235 cm / pcs
Standard Package Rail Dimension: 470 cm (2 x 235 cm Rail)
Carrying Capacity: 140 kg

This H1100 model elevator, which is the first and only 4 motorized flat stair lift in the world with these features, is also the safest and cleanest elevator model.
Since there is no gear on our elevator, there are no parts that require lubrication.

In addition, it has a “self-cleaning” feature thanks to its special brush that goes on the rail.

It is very quiet because it has no gear.
It walks on 8 reels controlled by 4 main engines and is the Most Reliable Stair Lift.
Since it does not require lubrication, the rails are always clean, dirt does not collect dust and does not stick. It always remains clean. It cleans itself with the brushes on the main unit.
Our rails are always mounted on the steps, not on the wall.
As with all Handicare stair lifts, the 1100 model has a back-up system. Thanks to this system, even if the electricity is cut, the device continues its movement.
In the 1100 model, the foot table can be folded manually or optionally with the motor. The seat has an active tensioning seat belt as standard.
In the 1100 model, the rails feature continuous charging. Wherever you leave the seat on the rail, charging continues.
2 remote controls are provided as standard.
This new generation stair lift with 4 motors and 8 reels but without gear is 100% Dutch made. Since it has no gear in its technology, it does not require lubrication, so it always remains clean.
In addition, it has a “self-cleaning” feature thanks to its special brush that goes on the rail.
This stair lift, where you can have an affordable price, will give you more freedom in your home.
Easy to use
Our 1100 model elevator has stylish joysticks made of durable and hard material that you can control by holding it down or just pressing it.
The joystick is located at the end of the armrest, designed to be easy to use with your fingers or wrist…
Suitable for Indoor Use. And it is only for straight type stairs.
You can reach detailed information from LiftArt’s website at, and about the stair lift prices at

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March 2020