Subject: best stair lift brands

There are many factories producing stair lifts in many parts of the world. The continent with the most brands is European continent. However, there are companies manufacturing in America, Asia and Australia.

By examining the colonies one by one; Among the countries producing in Asia are China. Since most stairlifts are specially produced according to the ladder shape, the prices in China are like those of other countries. In other words, there are not many price differences, because their production numbers are not in the form of mass production as they are used to, they are low numbers. China’s production technology is about mass production. In addition, Chinese stair lifts are always using poor quality materials to produce cheap.

If we come to the American continent, there are companies that manufacture in North America, both in America and Canada. However, the product quality of these companies is lower than the firms that produce in Europe.

In Europe, there are more countries that manufacture stair lifts. The main producers are the Netherlands, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

In the stair elevator, European countries in terms of production technology, quality, production customs and export are ahead of others.

In Europe, the Netherlands is ranked first, the UK second, and Italy the third in terms of stair lifts.

The producers and brands of these countries consider the first three brands in terms of production technology, quality, after-sales service, export figures and awareness;

First place Handicare – Netherlands
Second place Minivator – UK
No. 3 in Vimec – Italy

We can count as the best Stair Lift Marks.

Handicare, for example, is an elevator company established in 1886 and is the world’s oldest staircase elevator manufacturer.