The smallest homelift: Vivendi


The smallest elevator model Terry Lift Vivendi, she is an English ..!

If you want a very small, space-saving but stylish and stylish elevator model for your home, the complete design wonder Vivendi Ev Asansörüdür. Both the world’s smallest elevator models and most design models.

Vivendi Home Lift

Vivendi both occupies very little space and has a cabin for 2 people.

This elevator is designed for private and privileged people who want to take up less space in the room.

It is only for indoor and is produced as 2 stops (max 360 cm travel distance).

There are 3 models and dimensions.

Suitable for duplex houses and two-storey apartments. For further information please contact us

Brand: Terry
Model: Vivendi
Production: UK
Turkey Representative and Distributor: liftart


Engelli Tertibatları ve Modelleri Hakkında Bilgi Almak için Arayınız: 0549 608 00 70

Specifications & Standard Features ::
– Working System: Hydraulic
– 2 years warranty
– One touch LED control
– Satin white exterior and interior coatings
– Full size glazed door
– Glass vision panels
– Sandstone vinyl coated interior panels
– Two dimmable LED lighting strips
– Telephone
– carpet covered floor along the carpet
– Wireless call station for both landings
– Wireless smoke / heat alarm
– 325 kg capacity
– Certificates: CE, BS5900: 2012, ISO9001: 2015, EU

Model İç Genişlik mm İç Uzunluk mm Dış Genişlik mm Dış Uzunluk mm Seyir Mesafesi mm Kapasite
Vivendi C (Compact) 600 845 795 945 2400-3600 325
Vivendi S (Standart sandalye için) 745 1160 920 1265 2400-3600 325
Vivendi LW (sandalye ve yardımcı için) 880 1360 1055 1465 2400-3600 325
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