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Disabled Vehicle System


Other Disabled Vehicle Systems Models:

Disabled vehicle systems are systems that enable the sick, elderly or disabled people to get on and off their vehicles, cars, minibuses, and use their vehicles.

Vehicle driving and control systems are extremely safe, modern systems that allow them to use their vehicles according to their disability and to the extent permitted by law.

All systems have all other necessary documents such as CE, EMC and are in accordance with European regulations.

Disabled vehicle systems can be grouped as follows:
1. Transfer systems to the disabled vehicle
2. Disabled vehicle control and use systems
3.Disabled vehicle signaling systems
4. Wheelchair loading systems
5. Wheelchair and vehicle driving systems
6. Disabled vehicle simulation and test systems


It is imported from Disabled Vehicle Systems – Kiwi – Italy. Kiwi is the biggest manufacturer of Italy in its field, which is a world-renowned and solution partner of many vehicle (automobile) brands.

Brand: Kiwi
Origin: Italy
Turkey Representative and General Distributor: LiftArt

People who can use vehicle control systems:
1. Disabled,
a. Those who do not have one arm or hand
b. Those who do not have one leg or one leg
c. Those who do not have two feet or legs
2. Patients,
3. Elderly,

Disabled vehicle control systems are installed only on vehicles with automatic transmission (gear). Under no circumstances, our company does not install or sell a gas-brake system and signaling system on manual gear (with manual gearbox) vehicles.

The projects of vehicle systems are prepared by our company and delivered to the necessary institutions.

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the European Directive 2014/35 – Low Voltage
the European Directive 2014/30 – EMC
the European Directive 2006/42 / CE – Machinery Directive (manufacturer’s certification).

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Disabled Stair Lifts and Models
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What are Disabled Platform Lifts: Seat lifts are the safest, most comfortable and least space-saving elevator systems produced for people who have difficulty climbing or climbing stairs.

What are Disabled Platform Lifts: Stair lifts, also known as seat lifts, are the safest, most comfortable and least space-saving elevator systems that are produced for people who have difficulty in climbing or climbing stairs.

LiftArt is the only representative and General Distributor of Handicare for Turkey, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan ..!

You can have a stairlift or seat lift from our company with reasonable prices and conditions with service guarantee.

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