K-PL100 is the new Kivi person lift making it easier to transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat and vice-versa, allowing the user to enter and/or exit the car compartment without difficulty.Both 3-door or 5-door cars can fit this device, either to the right or to the left side, provided that the gap between the highest side of seat cushion and the wheelchair cushion (including a supplementary cushion, if any) does not exceed 50 cm. Such system consists of a bracket (either fixed or mobile), an articulated arm, a sling seat (available in S, M, L sizes) and a push-button handset.

The use of K-PL100 is simple: the caregiver will position the sling seat behind the passenger’s back, letting the lower edges slide under the thighs and the upper edges under the armpits. Then, he/she will fasten the four edges of the sling seat to those pivots present on the lift arm. Upwards and downwards movement is electrically controlled by a push-button handset, while the lateral one, to enter and exit, is manually handled.

If used in combination with the mobile bracket, this aid does not require any intervention on the coachwork or in the passenger compartment, given that bracket is placed on the original door hinge. The articulated arm, with a sling seat for lifting people, is simply attached to both pivots on the bracket. For this reason, the vehicle can be resold at all times, without any intervention to restore it to its original form.

If used in combination with the mobile bracket, both bracket and lift, while travelling or if not in use, can be disassembled and easily stored in the trunk. On the contrary, if it is used in combination with the fixed bracket, when not in use, only the lift can be disassembled, while the bracket still remains fixed into the car. Lift only weighs 13.5 kg.

For high clearance vehicles as minivans, SUVs and commercial vehicles, Kivi presents the person lift K-PPL100 “Combi”. Such system consists of the column of the electrical tip up plate (placed next to the b-pillar, on the right or on the left, according to the customer’s needs), a mobile bracket, an articulated arm, a sling seat and of a rocker switch or a push-button handset. Its operation is the same as the K-PL100.

K-PL100 and K-PPL100 can also be used as a person lift inside the house, in combination with a wall bracket or a mobile frame. In the first case, the articulated arm of the lift is fitted into a bracket, which, in turn, is fixed to the wall, where the device has to be used. In the second case, instead, the lift arm is fitted to a special wheeled cart which allows the lift to be used everywhere.

K-PL100 and K-PPL100 are approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked. These products have a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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