Disabled Elevator Battery Maintenance

What to Do When You’re Away
Most wheelchair lifts are powered by batteries (batteries) placed under the seat. Batteries are charged with a charger plugged into a standard wall socket. Batteries usually last for several years. Of course, the amperage and voltage of the batteries may be different according to the disabled lift model and features. A good battery maintenance can make the difference for a wheelchair lift.

Sometimes, because our customer accidentally unplugged the elevator unit, the battery charger does not work, does not charge and the batteries are discharged. Batteries also need to be replaced when discharged, which means cost. In other words, the charger for the disabled lift must always stay plugged in, otherwise the batteries will die. In many disabled lift models, if the batteries are not charging, the unit will beep, reminding you to plug in the charger or if the power is cut off. This beep may continue for up to 3 minutes. The duration of this sound has been limited as further continuation may disturb the household.

We recommend that you do not turn off or unplug your unit, even when you leave for more than a few days.

If you experience a power outage while at home, we strongly recommend that you use your disabled elevator less and not let the battery use its full power. Depending on the power of the battery and the model of the disabled elevator, it is okay to use the elevator several times in case of power cuts. But using it until the batteries are completely discharged will not allow the charger to recharge the batteries. Because the disabled lift charger cannot charge below a certain voltage. For this reason, do not use the device more than a few times during power cuts.

If you need to replace the batteries, choose the batteries recommended by the authorized service. If you prefer a poor quality battery, you may either not get enough efficiency and need to change the batteries again in a short time, or the batteries may be discharged at the time of full use, leaving you halfway. And you may have to get off the elevator while you’re on the stairs, which can be dangerous.

Therefore, both the battery of the disabled elevator and the quality of the disabled elevator are very important. As with every product, choosing quality in this product will increase and improve your comfort and quality of life.


LiftArt Quality Living Systems
July 2021