At a workplace, the contractor had a freight elevator built instead of the disabled elevator because it was more expensive.

As a result of this thoughtlessness and irresponsibility, which he should never do, 1 person died and 2 people were injured.

2 people were injured in the freight elevator, which was built under the name of the disabled elevator that fell from a height of about 3 meters, and 1 person unfortunately died.

The incident took place at a workplace where cosmetic products were sold at about 18.30 on Mimar Sinan Street. İ.K. and F.Ö. and T.A. got on the freight elevator that descended to the lower floor of the workplace. Meanwhile, the freight elevator crashed for an unknown reason. K. and F., who were in the freight elevator that fell from about 3 meters, were injured, and T.A died at the scene of a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of hitting his head.

Upon the notice, health, fire and police teams were dispatched to the scene. The wounded were rescued after about half an hour of work. It was learned that K. and Ö, who were taken to the hospital, were in good health. DHA

There are many lessons for all contractors and people to learn from this event.
March 2021