How Much Does a Disabled Elevator Cost, What are the Prices of Disabled Elevators?

Thanks to the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and its successor to the Equality Act of 2010, elevators in all their forms are a common sight in most commercial and educational settings these days, allowing people with disabilities to gain equal access to opportunities and public spaces. However, disabled access elevators tend to be a rare phenomenon in residential settings.

You might think that disabled elevators cost tens of thousands of Turkish Lira due to the special nature of floor elevators and the construction required and not being common in residential environments. However, due to advances in engineering, it is possible to have some form of disabled elevator in your home for under 2500 euro.

Various factors can add to or affect the total cost of a wheelchair lift. For example, if the home has limited space, an elevator shaft may need to be built outside of the building, which can increase costs significantly. For those who are interior design conscious, many disabled lifts now come with a variety of materials and finishes to blend in with your decor or add a unique feature to your home, but any added extras or fancy finishes will inevitably add to the cost. Depending on the style of the lift and the materials it is made of, you could be looking at a cost of between €2,000 – €40,000.

We offer you two easy ways to find out the price of a disabled lift. First, you can find out the approximate prices on our online disabled elevator sales site. Second and easier, call us and we can give you more precise prices.

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