Subject: Disabled Lift In Media, Group M media also completed our installation.

Extreme Italian manufacturer of design firms and manufactures a new generation of computer-controlled digital display elevator model finally disabled Next in Turkey.

Disabled Lift In the media, a disabled lift was installed in the media company, located in a shopping center in Gayrettepe.

Group M Media management ordered a 3-stop disabled elevator so that they can easily reach the floors of disabled personnel. The best quality, the strongest, the strongest and the most affordable, and absolutely European goods; They reported that they preferred to be a brand, not made in China.

Turkey Our company is the only representative of the Extreme – Next İyalya it took the new market model introduced their platform lifts for the disabled and has advised.

As a result of the researches of Grup M Medya, they ordered this elevator model, which is so high quality and affordable compared to its competitors, to our Company.

You can see the pictures of the disabled elevator, the assembly of which has been completed in January 2020, below.

If you also need a disabled elevator, we are waiting for our company where you can find the best quality products at the most affordable price.

February 2020
Disabled Lift in Media, Group M Media Installation