Disabled lift models are often confused with the public. Just as everyone can use classical floor elevators, healthy, sick, young, old or disabled, some disabled elevators can be used by everyone when they are physically active. However, it is very wrong to use and occupy disabled elevators other than the disabled. If a disabled person who needs to use the elevator at that moment cannot use the elevator reserved for his/her own use, it is an abuse or defeat of his rights.

It is necessary for each individual to recognize the products that have been produced and reserved for the use of the disabled, and leave them for the use of the person for whom they were produced.

Seated stairlifts cannot be counted among the disabled lift models. Seated elevators are generally used by people with health problems.

Seated stairlifts are elevator models used to overcome stairs in buildings where conventional floor elevators cannot be made.

Among the disabled elevator models, there is an elevator model that is used on the stairs but has a platform. As for other disabled elevators, there are also open type disabled elevators, closed type disabled elevators, platform lifts and, of course, disabled platform stairlifts.

You can easily access the descriptions of the models from these links:

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