You must think of many places where disabled elevators can be installed.

For example, apartments, official institutions, hospitals, detached houses, villas, schools, museums, hotels, airports. These examples can of course be reproduced.

According to a news we have learned now, a disabled elevator will be installed in the observation tower in Balıkesir Bird Paradise National Park.

Kuş Cenneti National Park covers 24 thousand 47 hectares of land and a park that first became a forest with the decision of the Council of Ministers and later became a national park because it is not in a forest regime.

In Kuşcenneti National Park, which is located on the main migration routes of water birds migrating from Africa to Europe and Asia, there are 66 bird species in total, which breed each year with the arrival of spring.

Bird Paradise National Park, which hosts unique landscapes with its lush nature and diversity on the shore of the lake, hosts large incubation colonies where thousands of birds consisting of crested pelican, white pelican, heron, spoonbill, cormorant, wild goose, wild ducks and songbirds nest on trees and reeds.

With the disabled elevator to be built on the observation tower, more visitors will be able to visit here and take advantage of the opportunities and observe.

Thus, it is among the places where disabled elevators can be installed in archaeological sites, parks and national parks. Every area you can think of should be suitable for the accessibility of the disabled, and it should be made obligatory by law and be applied according to civil unwritten laws.

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May 2021