35.735.1104 Pose Detail Information

Item No 35.735.1104 Former Item No: 924.014
Description Closed type vertical lift platform lift with mobility disability up to 3000 mm travel distance
Long Definition Travel distance up to 3000 mm closed type vertical lift platform lift with mobility disability
Unit AD
Type of Exposure Electrical Installation Pose
Available Book Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 2019 and After

35.735.1104 Pose Recipe, Construction Conditions and Size
Produced in accordance with TS EN 81–41 standard for construction and assembly safety rules, TS ISO 9386-1 standards for rules related to safety, dimensions and functional operation, and 2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Regulation, offered to the market with CE conformity mark; Operating voltage 220 or 380 V, min. 315 kg carrying capacity and horizontal section dimensions min. Dimensions 900 x 1400 (width x depth) (In cases where the doors are positioned at 90° with respect to each other, the size will not be less than 1100 x 1400 mm and the carrying capacity will not be less than 385 kg.), 900 x 2000 mm (width x height) Dimensions, automatic door, maximum 0.15 m/sec speed, internal and external structure made of steel construction, safety brake, overspeed regulator, safety nut, stop safety device, working with worm screw system, inverter system to prevent shocks during start and stop, Braille With buttons arranged according to the alphabet, non-slip material, illuminated, notifying the arrival of the platform to the floor with an audible warning, having a system to bring the platform to the floor manually and automatically in case of power failure, contacting authorized departments by intercom or intercom, protective panel, control panel, control systems, drive units are in compliance with the Electrical Indoor Facilities and Grounding Regulations in Electrical Facilities and with leakage current protection Installation of the Closed Type Vertical Lifting Platform, including all kinds of materials and labor, and delivery in working condition.

Note: Two station doors are included in the scope of the exposure.

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