Generally, for those looking for the disabled lift from the owner, it is obvious that they are looking for this device as a second hand. So it is a decision how to take the 2nd hand disabled  lift

First of all, why not look for a 2nd hand disabled lift, let’s look at this. One of the main reasons for this is to procure the disabled elevator from the owner at a cheaper and more affordable cost. Those who cannot afford to buy a zero handicapped elevator look for second hand. In addition, those who are temporarily in need of this device will also search for a second hand.

Is it really more cost-effective to buy a second hand lift? Now let’s think about how many years the elevator you buy, what the condition is, whether there is any malfunction, the condition of the batteries, and most importantly whether the warranty for this elevator continues, whether it will help you make the right decision about whether to buy a hand-held elevator. After answering these questions, the actual cost of the elevator will arise.

As a result, if you wish to purchase a disabled lift from the owner, make sure the lift is covered by the warranty.

It is best to have LiftArt as the authorized dealer when the disabled elevator is purchased from the owner. In this case, if you encounter a problem with the elevator, our dealer will help you. You can also check here for the price of the disabled lift owner.

If you are calling the disabled lift from the owner, please call us and we will help you with this.

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