Subject: Information about disabled stair lift prices

As known, there are elevators of various types and models. These also include elevators suitable for disabled people.

Elevator models produced according to disabled people can be in various ways. For example, it can be a passenger elevator with a vertical type. Or there are elevators of the type that allow disabled people to use the stairs. The best of them refers to the “disabled stair lift”. However, the type mentioned here is a type of lift which is suitable for disabled and wheelchair users.

Therefore, the disabled stairlift is a wheelchair user, which is designed for disabled people and helps lift the stairs.

What are the prices of such elevators?
The price of the disabled type stairlift may vary depending on whether it is domestic or imported. Since we don’t sell domestic products, we can’t say anything about this, but we can tell you about some prices for imported elevators.

Turkey Our company is the only representative of the Italian company Extreme and a lot elevator company, also serves to ensure that contractors and users in the elevator and technical service.

To clarify an important issue; Stair lifts with disabilities are different from stair lifts. We cannot say that the stairlifts with stools are a disabled stair lift. There is a great difference between the two; As the use, technically, as the property and price.

Disabled Stair Lift Prices
1. 3 meter disabled stairlift price for straight type ladders: starts from 6.000 euro.
2. For one floor starts at 12,500 euros.

Staircase Lift
1. 5 mt elevator price for straight type ladders: starts from 1,800 euros
2. For one floor starts from 5,000 euros.

These prices may of course vary; The location of the installation may vary depending on the length of the rail, lift features, parking points, etc.

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