Purchase of Disabled Platform Lift, Footed Coin Operated Binoculars, Photocatchers, Drone Compatible (ZENMUSE X7) Lens Set Purchase will be tendered by open tender procedure according to the Article 19 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734, bids will only be received electronically through EKAP. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below:
İKN: 2021/54816
2-Purchase of the goods subject to the tender
a) Name: Disabled Platform Lift Purchase, Footed Coin Operated Binoculars, Photo Trap, Drone Camera Compatible (ZENMUSE X7) Lens Set Purchase
b) Quality, type and quantity: Part-1: Purchase of 1 Disabled Platform Lift. Part-2: Purchase of 3 Footed Coin Operated Binoculars, 30 Photo Traps, 1 Set of Drone Camera Compatible (ZENMUSE X7) Lens Set.
Detailed information can be found in the administrative specifications in the tender document in EKAP.
c) Place of construction / delivery: Part-1: Procurement of Disabled Platform Lift It will be delivered to the Bird Watching Tower of Balıkesir / Bandırma District Bird Paradise National Park in working condition. Part-2: Purchase of Footed Coin Operated Binoculars, Photo Traps, Drone Compatible (ZENMUSE X7) Lens Set Çayırhisar Mah. Orman Fidanlık Lojmanları Sok. No: 7 10185 – ALTIEYLÜL / BALIKESİR It will be delivered to DKMP Branch Office.
d) Duration / delivery date: It will be delivered within 60 days after the start of work.
d) Starting date of work: The work will be started with the signing of the contract.
a) Tender (bid deadline) date and time: 22.02.2021 – 10:30
b) The meeting place of the tender commission (the address where e-offers will be opened): Balıkesir Provincial Branch Office Meeting Hall
4. Conditions to participate in the tender, required documents and criteria to be applied in qualification evaluation:
4.1. In order for the bidders to participate in the tender, they are required to declare the following documents, qualification criteria and information on non-price items within the scope of their e-bids.
4.1.2. Information on the statement of signature or signatory circular showing that it is authorized to bid; In case of a real person, notarized statement of signature information, In the case of a legal person, the Trade Registry Gazette showing the latest status indicating the partners, members or founders of the legal entity and the officials in the management of the legal entity, if not all of this information is in a Trade Registry Gazette, the relevant Trade Registry Gazette to show all of this information or documents (share book showing this information in any case by joint stock companies) and notarized signature circular of the legal entity,
4.1.3. The letter of offer, the form and content of which are specified in the Administrative Specifications
4.1.4. Bid bond information whose form and content are specified in the Administrative Specifications.
4.1.5 The subject of the tender cannot be subcontracted for all or part of the purchase.
4.2. Documents related to economic and financial qualification and the criteria these documents should bear:
By the administration for the economic and financial qualification criteria not specified.
5. The economically most advantageous bid will be determined only on the basis of price.
6. Only domestic bidders will be able to participate in the tender, and a price advantage of 15% (fifteen percent) will be applied to the domestic bidder who offers domestic goods.
7. The tender document can be viewed free of charge on EKAP. However, it is obligatory for those who will bid on the tender to download the tender document via EKAP using e-signature.
8. After the proposals are prepared electronically via EKAP, they will be signed with e-signature and sent via EKAP until the tender date and time together with the e-key regarding the proposal.
9. Bidders bids shall be submitted in the form of unit price over the total price calculated by multiplying the amount of each work item and the unit prices offered for these work items. At the end of the tender, the unit price contract will be signed with the bidder.
10. Partial bid can be submitted in this tender.
11. Bidders will provide a bid bond to be determined by themselves, not less than 3% of the price they offer.
12. Electronic deduction will not be made in this tender.
13. The validity period of the submitted bids is 60 (Sixty) calendar days from the date of the tender.
14. As a consortium, no bid can be given to the tender.
15. Other matters:
Excessively low bid evaluation method: The tender will be left on the most economically advantageous bid without asking for the explanation stipulated in Article 38 of the Law.
Part-1: Procurement of Disabled Platform Lift It will be delivered to Bird Paradise National Park Bandırma / BALIKESİR Bird Watching Tower in working condition after being connected in accordance with the Technical Specifications.
Part-2: Footed Coin Operated Binoculars, Photo Traps, Drone Compatible (ZENMUSE X7) Lens Set will be in accordance with the Technical Specifications for Purchase. Metal sleeve compatible with photo trap