Stair lifts are elevator systems designed for places where it is difficult to use stairs and / or where classical type human lifts cannot be made. Most people need an elevator to provide access between floors in their detached house or apartment, or in an apartment duplex. Of course, people first think of the elevator systems such as classic type elevator or vertical elevator, panoramic elevator which is a correct idea.

The smallest size required for home lifts is an area of ​​100×100 cm. Even if this size seems like a lot to you, inside of this outside-to-outside size, that is, the cabin size will remain as 65×75 cm. In other words, the cabin will be enough to take 2 people. There are smaller sizes of specially designed home elevators, but their prices are at least twice the others. In other words, the more compact the more expensive we can say.

But what if there is no suitable space to build a home lift in these sizes? At this point, stair lifts that may be alternatives come into play. These elevator models, which have been used in Europe since the 1960s, are extremely safe. Those who see this product for the first time are worried about whether I will fall, there is no more 1 accident report, all necessary precautions have been taken in order not to fall. Seat belts, sensors etc. .. The seat lift is already moving from a distance of about 15-20 cm just above the stairs steps; this is a safe distance.

Many models of stair chair lifts, there is a brand in the world, but there are a couple of models with a single drive motor technology HANDICARE stair lift is a model that offers liftart lift in Turkey. While all other brands and manufacturers use 1 main motor or driving motor, Handicare uses 2 main motors. Others may ask why or what advantage; As a result, Handicare’s engines always run at 50% performance, so they never get tired, warm and wear. Besides, it has a life span of at least 2 times longer than others and the risk of failure is close to zero.

For those who want to get information about stair lifts prices,
if your staircase is flat and indoor, 2000 euro up to a length of 5 meters (around 13,000 TL)
if the flat is flat but outdoor, 3000 euro for a length of 5 meters (around 19.800 TL)
If it is 1-fold rotating, 5,500 euro (around 36,000 TL) for 5 mt (rail length of 5 mt is the cruising distance, the floor is not the length of the ceiling)
2 floors, for 10 mt, 8.000 euro (around 53.000 TL)
10,000 euro for 3 floors, 15 mt (around 65.000 TL)
4 floors, 12.000 euro for 20 mt (around 79.000 TL)
There are average prices.

You can find detailed information on the company’s website: