Subject: I Have No Place To Have A Home Lift

Sometimes, a few storey detached house owners or owners who have to build an elevator sitting in the apartment but working vertically sometimes cannot find a place in their buildings for this elevator model. Sometimes the place they find is not suitable for home use or the place they find is not suitable for home lift.

Since people want to reach other floors easier, more effortless and faster, they consider getting this elevator model home. But sometimes the design of the houses is not suitable for the construction of these elevators. Of course, we are not looking for criminals here, but the contractor, architect or other official who built the building had to think about the elevator solution at the beginning when designing multi-storey buildings. Even if they did not put an elevator inside the building, they could at least leave their place.

Anyway, our topic is not “why didn’t you leave the elevator space while designing the building”, what we do now is what I will do.

If there is no space left inside the building for the home lift, you have to find a suitable place. You will ask us some measures to find this suitable place that we always encounter questions such as; how much space should I find, how many centimeters does the elevator take up, what size of your smallest elevator is, even if one person is enough, can I put this vertical lift between the stairs, it is only if a person enters the elevator, but very small, etc. In addition, another important issue, whether small or small, is also at the request of customers.

The answer to all these questions is very simple, if you can stay in a cabin of how many square centimeters, we can surely make an elevator accordingly.

Let’s say you want to have a lift in your home, and whether this lift is a home lift or a disabled lift, and you found a 80×80 cm space for the lift, this is perhaps the middle of the stairs, maybe a corner of a room. Most users think that 80×80 cm will be enough. Because he checked, he was able to stand in an area of ​​that size and decided that he could fit in these measures. The mistake here is, of course, you can fit in this space, but can the elevator fit? Cabin walls, door thickness, rails, pistons, screws, suspensions, etc … Most users cannot imagine and imagine that they fit in the elevator if I am standing. As you can see, this is very wrong.

As a matter of fact, to determine a cabin size that you can fit in according to your body dimensions and to add the other necessary materials of the elevator outside this cabin.

Here, under the light of the information you will give, we can say that the size of the house lift can only come out at that time and as soon as there is an elevator to a place of 80×80 cm or 100×100 cm.

So let’s say that the size of the home lift required for you is 100×100 cm and you have not found a suitable place in your home to this extent, what will you do? No matter what type of home elevator or panoramic elevator or disabled elevator in these dimensions, a vertical working elevator model is not suitable for you, what will you do? The elevator location you find is a very small area for a normal elevator construction, and for this place it is a very small place like Vivendi elevator model is suitable but the price of this model is high, the price of which is affordable is not suitable for my big place, this model is also good price, but on the last floor, my ceiling consists of a curved roof, what do you do? In other words, there are other factors as well as the necessary place to build the elevator we want to mention, firstly, the price of the elevator, payment terms, height, width of the doors, etc.

In this case, will you stop having a home elevator or look for other types of elevator models? You may not know, but apart from home elevators, disabled elevators or panoramic elevators, seated stair lifts are also offered as an option. We recommend that you do not ignore this option and evaluate it.

Well, if you ask where can I find price details about all of these elevator models, the website with approximate costs is specified at You can learn about the prices, you can contact us for details.

Greetings and love

February 2020