Archimedes formed the first principles of elevator in BC282. In the 16th century the elevator systems were used to carry stone blocks in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids in the 1000’s. Pascal did his first hydraulic system research. Then, in 1738, Bernoulli and Evangelista Toricelli performed the first works of elevators that we use today. They have gone energetically by studying the flow, movement. Simple elevator constructions were seen during Roman times. The first leverage machine; Archimedes’ giant lifter lifts up the air into two parts of the ship of the Roman army. The mechanism with the arms and the giant pulleys tells about the lifting power and the principle of the elevator. In the 18th century, mines used steam-powered elevators in factories. Hydraulic elevators began to be used in the 1870s.

In 1880, the German physicist Werner van Siemens began experimenting with electrically powered lifts. The 1900s are now years of high-rise buildings, with elevators connected directly to the electric motor.
The year 1903 when non-gear electric motors were developed. As the elevator continues to develop in the world, we see the first elevator at Pera Palas Hotel. Design; Decorative embroidered, adorned with a neo-classical look.

After 1985, an electric motor driven elevator started to be used in Izmir. And with the buildings slowly rising in Turkey, elevators also spread rapidly.
The elevator is configured globally legally, with standards set by law. Freight elevators, stage elevators, disabled elevators, vehicles, etc. used in buildings Elevators are used in many areas, innovations are being made in the world as technology develops. While hydraulic elevators work with liquid pressure, electric power works with electric power. These elevators, which are widely used in terms of size and power, can reach the highest floors.

Design is more careful and attentive in elevators for people’s luggage. Comfort, speed, decor, capacity is calculated to the finest detail.

Freight elevators are intended to be used as a freight loader and are used in factories, shopping malls, warehouses.

Panoramic elevators designed from unbreakable glass to observe the outside scene; Hotel buildings, shopping centers, holiday villages are preferred.