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LiftArt Kaliteli Yasam ve Asansor Sistemleri Ltd. Sti. Privacy and Security Policy

Site Owner, Seller: LiftArt (hereinafter referred to as Company)
Merchandise and Service Purchased Area, Benefited from the Site: Member or guest (hereinafter referred to as a member only)

The confidentiality, protection, processing-use, commercial electronic communications and other matters of member-customer-guest information on our company and our website are subject to the Privacy Policy-Terms and Conditions of Use stated below.

The information provided by the members or the guests and the necessary measures for the security of the transactions made by the members are taken in the systems and internet infrastructure of our company or related organization (SSL security, Credit card payment substructure) according to the nature of the information and transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals for your use of our site are carried out online between you and the relevant Bank and similar Card Organizations independently of our Company. (Information such as credit card “cipher” is not seen and recorded by our company).

Information entered on my site, product / service purchases and information updates, as well as confidential information about credit cards and debit cards can not be displayed by other internet users.

Information about our members can be disclosed to the relevant organizations within the framework of our responsibilities under the legal regulations. In addition, all kinds of non-personal information about personal information and shopping that they provide may be used by our Company LiftArt, its successors and / or their third parties / organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations to provide any kind of product-service promotion, advertisement, communication, marketing, store cards, credit cards and membership to inform them, with the aim of making applications and operations indefinitely or legal / can be stored for a period to be foreseen, written / can be stored in magnetic archives, available, can be updated, shared, transferred can be and can be treated with other surrogates.

The site’s mobile version-applications of (the smart device applications) is used in cases where the members of our company, liftart Firmalarý’nýn the dealers are contracted with institutions belonging to the physical and e-commerce stores-department with in visiting structures-sites they are located and all kinds about the here shopping personal non-information (pos data, including examining products and purchase the product-amount information), the device in the corresponding functional deficit can be removed by appropriate technical means of Bluetooth and a wireless network connection, the company referred to commercial purposes mentioned in the above paragraph and organizations indefinitely / time may be logged May be stored, used, updated, shared, transferred and otherwise processed in written / magnetic archives. Personal information of the members or guests is not included in the credit card information, this information is not stored, displayed or recorded in our company. All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online with the relevant Bank and similar Card Organizations independently of our Company.

We also provide LiftArt SMS / text messages for store cards, credit cards and membership information, transactions, applications for promotional, advertising, communication, promotion, sales and marketing purposes related to all kinds of products and services, Commercial, and other electronic communications with instant notification, automatic dialing, computer, telephone, email / mail, fax, bluetooth-other wireless networks and other electronic means of communication (if it is turned on in your device), Commercial electronic messages can be sent to our members.

Other sites accessed from our site have their own privacy-security policies and terms of use; advertising, banner, content to see, or any other purpose, with information on their use of accessible websites, as well as the ethical principles of the site, the privacy-security principles, quality of service, conditions of use and other application conflicts that may arise with the causes of the financial and moral damage and losses our company is not responsible .

information gained from other sites which link member of our site or our site, informing a party to the held electronic communication, promotion and advertising, as well as all sorts of decisions taken under the proposals, Members are responsible for the results with all kinds of processes and practices they do accordingly.

In the case of purchasing a product / service as a result of informing the members with the specified copies and / or communicating to the parties, informing the consumers, promotions and advertisements, the mentioned transaction is also subject to the consumer contract to be made legally and legally. The Consumer Contract applies in its own terms and between its parties. When you purchase from our site, the order pre-notification form-distance sales contract terms you will see during each transaction will be valid.

Our members may terminate their use of personal data and / or stop commercial electronic communications on their behalf by accessing the Company’s communication channels at any time and without any reason whatsoever they desire (above-below). According to the clear disclosure of this matter to the public, communications to the parties for personal data transactions and / or channels specified shall be suspended within the statutory maximum period (transactions and communications are possible according to the law). Membership language is also anonymized so that the information that is legally required and / or not available is deleted from the data registration system or is not identifiable. If you are a member, my company can always inquire about the processing of personal data processing and receive information. Applications and requests in these matters may not be accepted by the lawful reasons which are fulfilled within the legal maximum periods.

All information and content related to our site and their arrangement, revision and partial / total use; Excluding those of other third parties according to our company’s agreement; All intellectual property rights and proprietary rights belong to Firmamız and / or LiftArt Company. All information and content related to our site and their arrangement, revision and partial / total use; Excluding those of other third parties according to our company’s agreement; All intellectual property rights and proprietary rights belong to Firmamız and / or LiftArt Company.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes in the above matters and in the products, services and opportunities that it may make available to its Members; These changes will take effect as soon as they are announced by the Company or other appropriate means; All campaigns are subject to announced conditions.

For further information on all these matters, you can consult our company.

Our members can report their requests and complaints to our company through the following communication channels:

Address: Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım Mah. Vali Recep Yazicioglu Cad. Nilüfer Cayi Sok. Villa 5 No: 10
Basaksehir, 34488 Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 608 00 70, Fax: 0 212 608 00 69,



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