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Disabled Lift and Disabled Platform

A battery or electric disabled lift is a device that makes it easier to walk up and down stairs or to get you to the floors effortlessly. There are types that run along the ladder or operate vertically or vertically. Whether you’re trying to make your life easier for yourself or having a lift for someone else, it’s so easy to use stairs or reach floors.

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A disabled lift gives you easy access to the bathroom or rooms on the floor.

For many people who have difficulty walking, they can avoid many hazards when reaching rooms on the floors for bathing, sleeping, or for a sink: for example


  • The steps in the stairs may be very high

  • Old bones in the skeletal structure do not cooperate as they used to, you can be forced.

  • Sitting and getting up can be difficult.

  • Using ladders creates the danger of slipping and falling.

    The most important thing is the quality and service guarantee of the elevator, while a disabled lift or a disabled platform allows a person to enter and exit the floors easily. You can sit upright or stand while the devices take you up or down. With a remote control, the device will lower or eject you very quickly. This allows you to reach standard or higher floors. Some models provide access up to 5 times.

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    Disabled Lift is Easy to Install and Use

    To prevent you from being caught between floors, many devices have enough battery power to carry you and prevent you from staying between floors. In some lifts, this backup battery system is optional. Charging the device is a very simple event, self-charging and charging stops when it is full. Some handicapped lift models have optional swivel seats.

    An advantage of some models of disabled lifts is that they are relatively light and portable. The elevator is quickly assembled and assembled with simple tools.

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    LiftArt’s Disabled Lifts are More Affordable than Alternatives

    When the elevator is installed correctly, it can cost costs starting from 2,000.00 euro depending on the model. According to the disabled lift model, some elevators may be 6,000,00 euro, some 7,500,00 euro, some 10,000 euro and some 15,000 euro. Of course there are models between € 16,000.00 and € 25,000. However, these prices are definitely more affordable than alternative brands and competing brands. LiftArt is a representative company and is first hand; Prices are always cheap, quality is always high.

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    Price Setting Features for Disabled Lifts


    1. Elevator cruising distance, Diplodli>

    2. Lift model, Diplodli>

    3. Carrying capacity, Diplodli>

    4. Upholstery type, Diplodli>

    5. Engine specifications, Diplodli>
    6. Power
    7. Color

    8. Cabin features, if the cabin
    9. Dimensions

    10. Warranty period, Diplodli>

    11. Working principle,

    13. Assembly location, Diplodli>

    14. Assembly time,

    16. Special requests,

    18. Emergency call system, Diplodli>

    19. Security systems, Diplodli>
    20. Speed ​​

    21. Type of packaging,

    23. Resistance to climate conditions, UYGli>

    24. Distance to the sea

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      They are also designed to use both the disabled lift and the disabled platform with a wheelchair. A high-cost handicapped lift may cost up to about € 45,000.00 in Eurostrong>. This price can be costly for most cuts. However, the affordable disabled lift and the disabled platform starts from € 2,000. This puts many people in an affordable range. In fact, even the more expensive model is worth investing in, since the elevator management feature increases the taste of one of the pleasures of life, allowing you to stay at home and live longer independently.

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      LiftArt Disabled Lifts can help you find the best solution if you plan to reach the floors in your home; Contact us for free discovery at home. 0549 608 00 70

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