Some of our “other brand elevator representatives” say that our engine is loud and they may experience technical service problems if they work with our company, they throw mud at our company and try to sell their own brands. Of course, because they are surprised at what they will do with their jealousy and immorality! We clarify this issue below.

Handicare stair lifts are the only double driving motor stair lift in the world. For this reason, the stair lift is one click louder than the products of the manufacturers, but this sound level is 60 dB, so it is not loud enough to make you sleepy.

However, some “representatives of other brands” try to sell their own brands, saying that our engine is loud and there may be technical service problems.

Our company has been the sole representative of the Handicare company since 2004, and if the firm and its customers were not satisfied with us, this single agency had already been changed.

Since the Handicare brand is a prestige name all over the world, there can be no technical service or customer dissatisfaction because the customer satisfaction is worked with 100% principle.

Please do not believe the lies without listening, asking unilaterally.

There are absolutely good brands in the world, what matters is the morality of the firm that represents these brands. Those who try to make their way by throwing mud to others, stay in those mud they throw.

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Thank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.

May 2020