Handicare: 130 Years in Stair Lift Production

the first stairlift, 130 Years in Stair Lift Production

Based on the instinct of a young Dutch businessman Jan Hamer, we were founded 130 years ago in 1886. Hamer took his education seriously: broadening his knowledge, improving his techniques and learning 3 languages: Dutch, English and German. He used what he learned in school to start his own company, attracted by technology and industry worldwide. His company includes Robert Boyle fans, Carré pneumatic tanks, Kelley stained glass, paintings, powdered milk and even CH Milde Fils & amp; Co. It traded various products with international companies such as telephones. His fondness for new inventions eventually became the official importer of elevators first built by Fit Witte in Berlin, Germany. Hamer built his first elevator on April 2, 1886, and history began to be written.

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War years

Hamer found a partner in 1889, it was assembled by Mr. Mulder, and the name of the company was Jan Hamer & amp; Co. was changed to. After that it became the largest Dutch elevator manufacturer. However, due to the global economic crisis in 1929, elevator and elevator production decreased drastically and thus continued through the years of the Second World War. After the war is over, Jan Hamer & amp; Co continued its activities and began repairing elevators that were destroyed and broken during the war.

the first stair lift, 130 Years in Stair Lift Production

On January 1, 1960, Mr. Mulder’s grandson Gerrit Pieter Mulder, Jr. took office as co-director. Mulder Jr graduated from the University of Technology and gained manufacturing experience at various companies in Vienna and Stockholm. He saw the chair lift in an American newspaper. He decided to introduce this technology in the Netherlands. He built the first stairlift with Van Winssen, Bakker, Jongerden and Pastor. Mulder Jr., a very creative person, also started his first corporate marketing activities such as creating logos and product advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Because work is good Jan Hamer & amp; Co decided to expand its headquarters and move it to Heerhugowaard, Netherlands, where it remains our headquarters.

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In the 1990s, it was decided to change the name of the company to “Freelift”, which wanted to prove that its complete production was devoted to stairlift. The name also represented the freedom of customers by purchasing a stairlift .

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We founded the first Van Gogh (our current Freecurve) in 2001! The product was a real innovation in the stairlift market .

Freelift’s rapid growth prompted the company to establish it today in Newtonstraat. The manufacturing facility has an area of ​​approximately 33,000 square feet and is designed to be highly efficient. Affordable prices has become a prestige brand in the sector with its high quality.

December 2007 saw the dawn of a new era for the company: it was acquired by Norwegian Handicare. Handicare offers international production with offices around the world: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Poland, Canada, USA, China, France and Italy.

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