The foundation of the Handicare stair lift factory dates back to 1886. The company, which was founded on elevator, lifting and carrying machines at that time, has also started to produce seated stair lifts over the years.

The headquarters of the Handicare company is located in Norway. It has factories, technical service centers and offices in many countries.

A factory on disabled vehicle systems in Denmark, a factory on patient hygiene-patient washing systems in the UK, “stair lift” factory in the UK, patient cranes and patient handling systems in Sweden, wheelchair in the Netherlands factory, wheelchair factory in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, America, England and Spain There.

The Handicare stair lift factory is located in both the Netherlands and the UK. 2000, 1000 and 950 models are produced in the UK factory. In its factory in the Netherlands, it produces “the most advanced stair lift in the world” models FreeCurve, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, 1100, Xclusive. In this factory, the world’s only double driving motorized stair lift is produced. This system is a patented system and is only available in Handicare products.

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May 2020