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7 students climbed the floor with elevator.

In a building in Kocaeli, an elevator crew of 7 students was stuck.

Seven students in the elevator in a building in Kocaeli were hit by the 9th kattan flood as a result of the rope discharge. Luckily, no one even interfered with a student health team entering a sho

The elevator rope of Kocaeli in the province of Izmit, where 7 students were inside, was pushed into the 9th floor of Kattan. One of the students who were removed from the elevator for the residents of the apartment went into a shoah.

Event, 21.30 in the city of Izmit 28 June District Old Istanbul Road Avenue in a site in the apartment came to the mosque.

According to the information obtained, 7 students returning to their homes in the evening hours, the elevation to go to the houses on the 9th floor. 9 Although the elevator that was bruised stayed on the floor for a long time, the students were panicked when the doors were not opened. After a while, the rope of the elevator was released and the ground floor fell down to the floor with 7 students in the end.

Apartment residents who heard the noise of the elevator crash and the noise of the students and the cries of the students sought help from the 112 Emergency Service. Ambulance and fire crews were referred to the scene on the notice.
Shortly, the health teams who came to the scene intervened at the scene of the students who were removed with the help of apartment residents. 6 students of 7 students who had a panic attack while leaving the elevator without even a nose bleeding U.E. The student was calmed down with 112 teams.

The U.E. intervened for a while. Student returned home after the ambulance intervention. The fire crews dispatched to the scene also left the scene of the lift with security measures.