İkinci el engelli asansörü arayışı içinde iseniz, bu yazı sizin için.

If you are in search of a second hand disabled elevator, this post is for you.

Those who need a disabled elevator do not want to buy a new or new disabled elevator for some reason. For these reasons, the building where the disabled elevator will be used will soon be renewed with urban transformation, short-term residence will take place in the building, the institution in the building will not serve the disabled anyway, but the regulation requires a disabled elevator, the person who will use the elevator needs this elevator for a certain period of time, or it can be like financial problems.

For all these reasons, we sometimes look for and need second hand disabled elevators.

Whatever the reason is, some disabled elevators do not have second hands, or they may be scarce or may be found.

If you contact us and ask, you can learn about the models and prices of some disabled elevators.

You can either rent or buy these elevators.

We are here to help you.

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August 2020