Elevator Terror in Istanbul Maltepe – Elevator fell to the ground floor

The incident took place in an apartment in Istanbul Fındıklı Mahallesi Çamoba Sokak. According to the allegations, 16-year-old Yaren Kara left his home on the 4th floor and took the elevator to go to school. However, the elevator stopped at the ground floor for an unknown reason and suddenly fell to the ground floor and stopped. Hearing the sound, the residents of the building immediately went to the elevator and tried to open its door. When the door could not be opened, there was great fear and panic. The young girl shouted and asked for help. When the residents could not open the elevator by their own means, he informed the fire department and medical teams.

Yaren Kara, who stayed in the elevator, waited for help for about 30 minutes.

The young girl, who was trapped in the elevator as a result of the work of the firefighters, was rescued after half an hour of work; she hugged her mother for a long time and cried afterwards. Residents and medical teams fondly tried to comfort the young girl. In the event that there was no injury, the young girl went home with her family.

Source: Sabah