About the izmir chair stair lifts

izmir stairlift is a mechanical device that people use to climb up and down the stairs. There is a rail at the stair steps for stairs with sufficient width. A chair or seat is attached to the rail. A person sits on the seat and ascend the stairs by the armchair moving along the road.

Stair lifts, stair lifts, izmir elevators, fountain seat lifts, basement lifts, intellectual elevators, maritime lifts, butler lifts, stair treads and other known names have been installed by our company in various cities and places. We have mentioned in our other article that this type of chair lifts or seat lifts should not be confused with the type of chair used by skiers.

Some of the first commercial ladder elevators which were produced commercially, were installed in many districts, districts and neighborhoods of Izmir and its vicinity. Among these districts, there are big counties such as opposites, bornova, urla, alsancak and fountain.

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