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Izmir Affordable Stair Lift
Our company, which serves in Izmir and its environs, offers you the systems you need for the lifts with elevators, home elevators, disabled lifts with attractive payment terms and reasonable prices.

For the price of Izmir stair lift and attractive payment terms, please call +90 549 608 00 70.

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LiftArt Izmir Stair Lift Price
Please call to izmir stair lift services and installation service. 0 549 608 00 70
For stairs with spiral – helical or oval:
1 floor: 0-1 stop (entrance and top floor, total 2 stops) average 5,500 – 6,500 euro
2 floors: 0-1-2 stops (2 floors in the entrance and 2 floors, total 3 stops)

For straight type ladders:
An average of 1,800 – 2200 euros for flat type staircases (indoor)

Stair lift prices may vary depending on elevator model, type, installation location, rail length, number of turns, parking points (parking stop) and other features required by the user Merdiven

Fast and high quality service is provided to and around Izmir:
izmir, fountain, basement, muğla, kuşadası, aydın, çanakkale, bornova, opposition, menderes, alsancak, seferihisar, menemen, didim are among our fast service points.