Auxiliary controls by cable are used by drivers with disabilities to both upper limbs. They can be installed in vehicles with automatic gear and power steering. They allow to control auxiliary functions such as blinkers, lights, horn, windscreen wiper, hazard lights and washer by simply pressing some switches placed in comfortable positions inside the car compartment, based on the customer needs.

For example, the indicators sensors are often placed inside the headrest, one on the right and one on the left: to activate and deactivate the blinkers you just need to exercise a light pressure with your nape on the sensors in the headrest. Windscreen wipers or lights are usually installed on a thin keypad on the right armrest or on the left front door: drivers will be able to control these functions through a light pressure of their forearm or their elbow.

As an alternative, these devices can be installed on a molded plate where the driver can rest his left foot and from which, when needed, he can activate the desired control through a light pressure of the foot. Auxiliary controls by cable can be also added to the handles of hand controls for accelerator and brake; this allows the driver to activate the auxiliary functions with the same hand controlling the hand control. Buttons are in relief and their exact position can be easily identified by simply moving the hand, without looking away from the road.

This product has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Transports, EMC tested and is CE marked.
It has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.


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