Our company certainly does not trade second-hand elevators, however, it rents some models of disabled elevators for those who need elevators for a short time.

Some patients may have a temporary condition and may need to use a stairlift or disabled lift for short periods of time.

In addition, some institutions and contractors may need to rent disabled elevators for some reasons.

Renting disabled lifts is completely legal. It is also legal to rent stairlifts.

Our company rents some types of disabled lifts. The costs of disabled lifts, which are rented on a weekly and monthly basis, vary according to the lift model and the city where the assembly will be made.

If you are looking for a disabled elevator for rent and if you want to rent a disabled elevator, you are at the right address, please get information by phone: 0549 608 00 70 – 0212 608 00 70

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Rental Disabled Elevator