Subject: Stair Chair Lift & Elevator Speed ​​What is the Speed?

Most people who need a staircase lift wonder about the speed of these elevators. Is the ladder lift as slow or as fast as they think?

The fact that the stair lift speed with seats is almost the same as the speed of other type home lifts. Standard types of home lifts, vertical lifts with style homelift employees according to the laws of Turkey 0.15 cm / sec rate can not pass. This rate is similar to most European and American laws. However, according to Austrian law, the product can be produced at a speed of 0,30 cm / sec.

In this case, if a lift that runs vertically moves to the stop of the other floor at a height of 3 mt, the distance of the trip will be 300 cm in 20 seconds. In practice, however, this will change in practice; because the elevator will not reach a speed of 15 cm as soon as the button is pressed. First it will control itself and then it will move at slow speed so that it is necessary not to shake the passenger. It will then reach a speed of 15 cm and will slow down again before it reaches the stop and then stop. The duration of all these operations will be more than 20 seconds.

According to the law, the stair lift speed of the chair can be up to 13 cm / sec. That is almost the same as the vertical lift speed, a speed of 2 cm will theoretically result in a total delay of 3 seconds; As you can see, there is little difference in the fact that the two elevators have the same distance.

As a result, the speed of the vertical type home elevators is 15 cm / s and the stair lift speed is 13 cm / sec. In other words, the speed of 9 mt / min household elevators; 7,8 mt / min is the speed of the stair lifts.

This type of lifts should not be confused with the classic type of passenger lifts. Classic-type lifts contain different systems and can move faster, but we’ll give you lift models . “produced according to the regulations; at any time a disabled person can use this lift and therefore should move more slowly. Authorities in the world have done a thorough research on this issue and they are convinced that speeds should be at this level. We do not need to comment on these speeds.

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