Subject: The Difference Between the Wheelchair Stair Lift and the Disabled Stair Elevator

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The seat lift and the disabled stair lift are both mounted on the stairs.

In fact, almost everyone is thinking of a seat-type staircase elevator as a type of elevator designed for obstacles or as a disabled elevator. However, elevator systems with seat-mounted stairlifts are mostly for people who do not have enough physical strength to use the stairs or who are prohibited by the doctor to use the stairs. And it is extremely comfortable because you are standing out on the stairs.

Handicapped stair lifts are systems designed for private persons with physical disabilities to cross stairs. Yes, these types of elevators can be used by people like elderly people who have difficulty using stairs, except for obstacles. But the primary reason for their production is for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair users can easily access the stairs through these elevators and access them whenever they want.

These are the differences between a seat-mounted stair-lift and a disabled stair-lift. It is not the priority production obstacles of the stairlifts with a seat, nor is the disabled stairlifts the priority producers of the stairlifts or those who do not have enough power.

In general, people who order a seat-mounted stair lift say they feel like a disabled person or feel like a handicapped person. Actually, if they need a stair elevator, yes there is a barrier in front of them, but they are not a disability in the sense of disabled as they think. One thing that needs to be considered is that there are also very young people using this type of seat-ladder elevator, but suffered temporary or permanent sports injuries.

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