Konak Municipality as an example to Turkey to implement the project as a ‘Barrier-Free Living Village’, will write to the heart of Izmir miracle. Established in cooperation with the Disabled Persons Protection and Education Foundation (EBKOV), the facility will rapidly increase the number of disabled citizens whose lives it touches when it starts operating at full capacity after the pandemic. It is stated that disabled elevators will also be included.

Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, who started to establish the Village Without Barriers as soon as he came to his position, drew attention to the importance of the education of mentally disabled children. Center President Batur and children who live link indicates that both the parents, “we will close a huge deficit in this service mansion, I believe we will wrap our example would be a big scar and Turkey. Due to the pandemic, we cannot provide service in this center as we want. However, these days will pass and we will provide great support to our disabled citizens with a very good service. Our center is our pupil and we will make our official opening as soon as possible ”.


Life Without Barriers Village has the capacity to provide special education to 300 mentally handicapped children between the ages of 3-18. In the tree houses in the facility, training activities in different branches will be organized within the scope of the project carried out with Izmir Development Agency (IZKA). Older and disabled individuals registered with the Public Education Directorate will also receive training in a building allocated within the facility. There is also a playground for special children, and there are two pre-school education centers with a capacity of 40 students for children aged 3-6 of Roma citizens with a high population. The facility will start to serve at full capacity with the official opening planned to be made right after the pandemic.

Disabled Life Village with Disabled Elevator to Konak …

April 2021