Public Announcement:

Some of our competitors are trying to confuse the public with false false news and try to make premiums and increase their sales.

We respectfully announce to the public; liftart Handica since 2006 has been one of Turkey’s representatives and distributors. When our company opened an office in Bulgaria in 2012 and in Azerbaijan in 2015, it was difficult to pronounce the old rhetoric of Turkish in these countries and became an international name, LiftArt, which means Lift Art. Company owners have not changed, only the name has changed.

Whereas; The reason for the change of name does not concern our competitors nor does it concern anyone.

World giant companies like Handicare, Extrema and Terry Lifts have already changed their sole representation if they are not satisfied with our company that has been working with them for many years.

Our company, which has been selling more than 2000 elevator systems up to this date, has both personnel, service and financially sufficient size that it has been able to open its own offices in foreign countries and has continued to add success to its successes.

A handful of marauders do not care about these rhetoric of the rival who does not know himself and ask them to inform them as necessary.


LiftArt Lift Systems